Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

So it seems customary to start off a blog with an introduction post.

A little about me:

 What are my goals for this blog?

  • I want to help increase rules knowledge and the quality of referees, including myself.
  • The current competition rules leave room for interpretation and I would like some consensus on the controversial edge cases.
  • Reffing a match is a skill, just like rolling.  The only way to get better at a skill is to do it more.  However since the opportunity to ref can be somewhat rare, I think video training is a reasonable supplement.
  • I want to help competitors learn the rules.  I'm surprised by how many people show up to compete and aren't aware of the rules.
  • I haven't really seen anyone else doing this, so I figured what the heck, I'll give it a shot.

What to expect:

  • I plan to find sport BJJ matches I think are interesting and/or controversial and break them down as I see them.  Then, I want to see if anyone would have made different calls and why.
  • I also want to critique the performance of the referees in those matches so that we can make better decisions in the moment
  • Post my own experience reffing because somebody can probably learn from my mistakes.
  • I want to share rules primers (Scoring, Slamming, Knee Reaping, etc) to help prepare newer competitors.
Finally, I ref for US Grappling which has its own set of rules that are similar to IBJJF, but not exactly the same.  I will try to point out the differences when they matter.